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Together with Dijkos Projects, PMP Furniture has created screens and spacers, which the hotel and catering sector will be able to use shortly.
Once the crisis is over (hopefully soon), you’ll be able to use the spacers as table extensions, and the screens will strengthen your interior. Aside from safety, they also bring more privacy, can be used for walking buffets, and will be a trendy addition to your terrace.

We have tried to keep the price at a minimum to support the catering industry in these difficult times.

The screens are 150 cm long and 40 cm high.

Minimum order: one box
Number per box: 2 sets (4 pieces)
Dimensions: 34 x 45 cm (L x W)
RAL colors: standard RAL 7016 (other RAL colors +20%)
Material: aluminium

Minimum order: one box
Number per box: 2 pieces
Dimensions: 150 x 150 cm (H x W)
RAL colours: standard RAL 7016 (other RAL colors +20%)
Material: Aluminium frame, 2mm plexiglass
The complete frame is 15 cm adjustable in height.
The screens are ideal for use on the terrace
The foot can be anchored to the ground with pegs.
Knock-Down supplied. So easy to handle.

Spacer: € 69,- per 2 pieces  (minimum of 4 pieces)
Screen: € 149,- per piece  (minimum of 2 pieces)
Prices are including shipping to Germany, France, Luxemburg, Monaco(France), Austria, UK and Switzerland.
Pricing for other European countries at request.

For more info please contact:
Sander den Outer: +31639772280
Joost Geubels: +31654257066
Fons Peet: +31646204743

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