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frequently asked questions

An overview of the most frequently asked questions and the answers. If the question is not listed, you can always contact us.

As B2B client you can plan a real life visit to our showroom. We have two showrooms in The Netherlands. Our hospitality showroom is located in Zwijndrecht and our lifestyle showroom is located in Nieuwegein. Contact us to plan your visit.

No, we only sell tot B2B clients. You can contact us for more information on our points of sale.

Our stock models are also known as our fastlane collection. We can deliver these items within a short time while stock lasts.

The stock models can be found on our website in the specific product category. These products are indicated by the icon of a small box in the upper right corner.

Yes, there are 3D models available of various products. All these models can be found on the 3D Warehouse website. You can use these 3D models to create your project in SketchUp.

Information about the delivery of your product(s) can be found on the order confirmation. For additional questions about the delivery of your product(s) you can contact our sales support staff.

We are happy to help you repair your damaged product. 

To report this damage, please send an e-mail with the following information:

– Order number
– Reference
– Question or complaint
– Details about where and when this damage was found
– Pictures and/or videos of the complete product and the damaged part

The more information we receive, the faster we can help you. 

As B2B client you can contact our service department for questions about the care and maintenance of your received furniture. As customer, you can contact your local supplier. We recommend the products from LCK Nederland. On their website you can find more information about maintenance products for your furniture.

Folds in upholstery become visible due to the use of furniture. Folding is a common appearance and cannot be prevented. Moreover, folds are functional because they relieve the seams. It does not detract from the quality of the furniture. The amount of folding is influenced by the type of cushion filling, the dimensions of the cushions and the upholstery material.

Thus, folding cannot be prevented, but it can be influenced with the following tips.

  1. Use the entire sofa equally. Especially the first months during the seating-in period.
  2. Shake up loose back and seat cushions regularly.
  3. Replace loose seat and back cushions regularly.

Fillings soften about 15% due to use. This percentage depends on the family situation, the intensity of use and the weight of the person sitting on it. On average, it takes about three to six months until the decrease in hardness stabilizes. Softening of the fillings, causing creases in the upholstery, is a normal occurrence that does not affect the quality of the furniture.

Our seat furniture come standard with caps under the legs. To give your floor extra protection against scratches and dents, you can place felt or sliding nails under the legs. You can buy these products, for example, at a local construction store.

All our tables are finished with a strong lacquer of two components. There are several products available for the maintenance. For example the products from LCK Nederland. Use product for the solid oak tables finished with a mat lacquer.

Stains caused by drinks or food should be removed immediately with a lightly moist cloth. After removing the stains with the lightly moist cloth, the table should be dried using a soft cloth. 

Some of the fabrics from the Avenue and Luxury collection are fire retardant. These fabrics are identified by ‘FR’.

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