The DNA of PMP Furniture

“Hand crafted and sustainably produced, guaranteed quality for almost 30 years now”.



Our manufacturing base has been in Poland since 1993. Poland has traditionally specialised in the production of furniture. Knowledge is passed on from generation to generation, and both we and our clients benefit from this every day. We have been working together since we founded our company. These last 30 years, we have perfected that collaboration. 

European production 
As production takes place in Poland, the route to the client is short. Therefore we do not need to send ships from far away. Customized products can be delivered within a reasonable time frame, with a minimum of greenhouse gas emissions. 


Our products are made to be used intensively for long periods of time. A chair or table will last for many years. It is not necessary to replace them often or to order new products quickly. Good for you, and for the environment. 

One of our factories produces all the tables. The manufacturing process consists of several steps to the final product. One of those steps includes drying chambers. Here, the wood is dried for 6 months, until the ideal humidity level for furniture is reached. It is then manufactured into tables or chair frames. 

All our wood is European and its origin is easily traceable. Illegal felling is thus excluded.  To dry our wood (wood needs to be dried back to a certain humidity level), we use drying chambers which are heated with the sawdust from our factory. The gas emissions hereof are of course filtered in an environmentally friendly way. 

 The PMP quality is our number 1 priority. Thanks to producing our furniture ourselves for the past twenty-nine years, we have continued to optimize our quality level, by investing in modern equipment, among other things. Think computer-controlled (CNC) wood and cut machines and advanced lacquer lines. An extra advantage is that these investments have also optimised our production process. As a result, we are also able to control delivery times. 

Droogkamer Polen

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Behind the scenes at our factory in Poland

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