Angus – Kenny

Angus coffee table in oak wenge with Kenny hocker upholstered in Rafael 13.


Angus table 80x80x45 Kenny hocker 60x60x32
Angus table 100x100x45 Kenny hocker 80x80x32


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Dutch design

Manufactured in Europe

Established since 1993

wood care

Our tables are made of wild oak. It’s a beautiful natural product. Each table is unique and any difference in colour or imperfections as knots and cracks are a result of nature. Quality is our number one priority. So, we do understand that you would keep the look and feel that the furniture gives you. Routine maintenance and area conditions helps to keep your table in the perfect condition.

The ideal inside climate for wooden furniture is not too dry and especially not too hot. When the table is exposed to an extreme deviation of these conditions for a long period of time, the wood can crack or bend. There are different ways increase to humidity, for example by putting plants in the room or by using a humidifier. Never put the furniture directly next to the heating system or other heat sources. This way you can avoid the wood to crack and bend.

We recommend dusting wooden furniture on a regular base with a dry cloth. Remove spilt liquids immediately. There are several cleaning products available for the maintenance of wooden tables. Only use products for oak tables which are finished with a mat lacquer.

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