The choice is yours. A concept where you can choose between 6 legs and 6 models.


Frame Beech, chipboard and plywood

Seat Nosag (metal springs) Vp 2542 #40mm plus spring

Back Vp 2542 #30mm plus elastic band

Fabric Choose from 700+ materials and colors. See the collection here.

Leg Choose from six different legs.

1. Boss 2. Christoff 3. Marlin
4. Grace 5. Meadow 6. Westside


Manufactured in Europe

Established since 1993

Furniture care

Quality is our number one priority. So, we do understand that you would keep the look and feel that the furniture gives you. Our products are made with unique fabrics and the finest leathers. Area conditions and routine maintenance helps to keep your furniture in the perfect condition.

Preferably do not place your furniture in direct sunlight. This prevents the fabric or leather from discolouration. Do not place the furniture near a heat source, such as a stove or radiator. This prevents the upholstery from drying out. To maintain the original softness and resilience of cushions, hand fluff and reverse the cushions regularly.

Remove dust, crumbs and other daily pollution on fabric on a regular base with a vacuum or a dry clean cloth. Remove spilt liquids immediately with a dabbing motion. Do not rub the stain and never use harsh soaps or detergents. 

Maintain leather at least twice a year with a recommended product. Keep in mind that every product is unique and may requires its own specific maintenance. 

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